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Hotel Reporting: Get the hotel report you need in seconds

With up to date data. With no spreadsheets. With no technical knowledge. Increase your productivity and competitive advantage, make fast, targeted and timely decisions. Make your hotel a top performer!

Dynamic hotel reporting boosts your productivity

Dear Hotelier, no matter the size or type of your hotel (small, large or chain), modern technology offers you solutions to get the report you need, the moment you need it.

With business intelligence and hotel analytics solutions you can dynamically find the information you are looking for in seconds instead of spending hours or even days combining many hotel reports with ‘half information”.

With a few clicks and in real-time!

In this way you can take fast, targeted and timely decisions increasing the competitive advantage of your hotel and your productivity.

Take Hotellisense, our hotel analytics platform, for example. It is a cloud based hotel analytics application built on top of state of the art business intelligence technology.

With Hotellisense you’ll find the information you need in seconds without spreadsheets and without technical knowledge.

You’ll save time

You won't have to go through a lot of repetitive, manual and time-consuming processes such as performing multiple exports from many key hotel systems reports and from many different hotel systems (e.g. hotel PMS and hotel POS) and then combine this data using a traditional tool, e.g. a spreadsheet, to process all this information to finally get what you’re looking for.

With Hotellisense you’ll find the report you’re looking for with a few clicks!

You’ll boost your efficiency

You will see in seconds how things are ‘running’ and take fast, targeted and timely decisions to increase your hotel's performance.

For example, you could get a detailed picture of your tour operators’ performance in seconds. Which tour operator brings you the highest ADR, which one brings you lower ADR than others but much higher F&B revenue, make comparisons vs past years or vs your budget etc.

How does Hotellisense dynamic reporting work?

The Hotellisense platform is designed for hotels.

It collects data from key hotel systems

Hotellisense collects, organizes and analyzes data from key hotel systems such as hotel PMS, hotel POS, hotel ERP or Payroll systems.

It analyzes hotel data and presents them on prebuilt hotel dashboards

Dozens of ready-made interactive visual hotel dashboards (line charts, heat maps, pie charts, etc.) as well as interactive hotel dashboards with tables (spreadsheet-like visuals) specially designed for hotels, visualize the combined analysis of data from your key hotel systems.

Just select your filters and find what you want

By dynamically selecting filters on the ready-made interactive table dashboards with a spreadsheet-like form you get the hotel report you want.

For example, if you want to select filters such as dates, nationalities, booking sources, segments, departments, room type, outlets, etc., simply make your choice with a click directly on the report dashboard and see the result.

Or if you want you can build your own custom report in seconds by combining the dimensions and measures that fit your exact requirements with a few clicks.

It is that simple and fast!

Wasting time to get the information you want is a thing of the past!

And the time saved is a 'double' benefit, as you can invest it in other value added activities for your hotel.

But Hotellisense offers you much more than dynamic reporting capabilities

With Hotellisense you don’t only get the report you need in seconds.

You have your hotel data analysis presented on interactive visual dashboards where you can clearly see and discover patterns, trends and maybe hidden relationships between numerous hotel kpis by dynamically filtering your data.

This will give you a clearer idea of ​​your revenue, reservations and outlets’ performance, discover what affects it and why, what they mean for your hotel or even why they are higher/lower than last year, helping you to make targeted decisions about your sales policy and revenue management but also about the performance of your hotel - things that would be impossible or very difficult, costly and time consuming to do manually.

You’ll discover new opportunities

You’ll be able to discover new ideas to bring more guests to your hotel and make their stay more memorable.

For example, if you are a hotel manager, you can track the hotel’s KPIs, get a report with a few clicks, monitor budget achievements vs month or season, analyze hotel performance, monitor sales, find how to run more targeted and more profitable marketing campaigns and many more.

If you are an F&B manager you will know at any time the performance of restaurants and bars and create relevant reports with a few clicks, design efficient menus that will sell, know the consumer habits of various hotel guest segments and act proactively in order to grow F&B revenue.

With Hotellisense you have combinational analysis of hotel revenue (room, F&B etc.), reservations, hotel outlets, hotel reporting as well as hotel expenses, hotel gross profit analysis (hotel profitability data & insights) which helps you to focus where you need to and make informed decisions for your hotel quickly and proactively.


Book a live demo today to see how our hotel analytics platform can help you not only save a huge amount of time to get your hotel reports but also get fast insights to make your hotel a top performer!


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