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SenseBudget: Hotel Budgeting Dashboards

Finalize your hotel's budget effortlessly

Hotel Forecasting & Budgeting Made Easy

SensePrice dashboard showing a hotel budget
  • Continuously monitor achievement rate, i.e. what your year end performance (forecast) will be vs your budget or vs last year's results. The platform learns from past years’ performance and continuously evaluates current year achievements making hotel budgeting easier than ever.


  • Set policies and finalize your next year’s hotel budget down to room price per day with a click. The platform analyzes your input and your historical data using the power of statistics and almost instantly displays the estimation of your hotel’s next year performance (for both room and F&B revenue).


  • Run what-if scenarios to optimize your next year's hotel budget down to room level. This helps you with your hotel budgeting to even more detail.

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