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SenseRes: Hotel PMS Reservations Data Analytics Dashboards

Analyze your hotel PMS reservation data like never before with the prebuilt hotel PMS dashboards of our platform. Pinpoint problem areas with a few clicks.

Explore the power of your hotel's PMS reservation data 

SenseRes dashboard showing analysis of hotel PMS reservation data
  • Get insights for past and future hotel reservations at a glance with the interactive visuals of our prebuilt hotel PMS dashboards specifically designed for hotels


  • Transform lost bookings into tactics & strategies that will help your future bookings with insights from cancelation indexes per booking source and customer nationality


  • Understand your hotel reservations in relation to room price and occupancy rate and solve the reservations puzzle at any time with up to date data from your hotel's PMS


  • Find useful information regarding reservations, see heat maps and prepare for the next wave of customers


  • Maximize Average Daily Rate (ADR), Occupancy Rate or RevPAR and keep your occupancy rate up even during historically down times


  • Track time between room reservation up to guest arrival, for each nationality, room type, and time of year


  • Track your ADR (Average Daily Rate) per room type, floor, room number, booking source and customer nationality and decide how to manage your pricing policies


  • Make the best pricing decision for your hotel property at any given time based on the analysis of historical and real time data from all booking sources

See how hotel analytics can help you get insights from your hotel PMS.

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