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SensePOS: Hotel POS Data Analytics Dashboards

Data analysis from all your hotel POS systems in one place

Insights from your hotel POS and PMS systems that help you grow your revenue from F&B, Extras, Spa etc.

SensePOS dashboard showing analysis of hotel POS systems data
  • Analyze your hotel POS systems data easier than ever


  • Analysis of all your hotel POS systems data at a glance: from total F&B revenue down to revenue per POS per product for any period of time and for any room type.


  • Get detailed real time answers to your business questions with a few clicks.


  • Decide at a glance where you need to focus to add value to your F&B offering and maximize revenues on a daily basis.


  • Get a sense of the number of staff you need at your F&B points (restaurants, bars etc.) at any given time during the day and provide great service to your customers while optimizing productivity.


  • Find total F&B Revenue per booking source, room type, hotel guest (or other non-hotel guests), payment type, period, product or per nationality and develop strategies to optimize stock management and profitability and delight your guests (e.g. insight-driven menus for specific nationalities, for specific times of day).

See how hotel analytics can help you get insights from your hotel POS.

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