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Hotel POS: Analytics Help you Improve your Guest Experience and Revenue

Analyze data from all your hotel POS systems in real-time. Get fast insights, offer your guests what they want, when they want it and grow your revenue.

Hotel Restaurant with POS

Hospitality is not just accommodation, it is an experience.

Offering your guests what they want delights them, makes them feel at home and makes their stay more memorable.

In this way your hotel becomes more customer-centric, may get repeat guests, good guest reviews and more revenue.

Analysis of your hotel POS data can help you with this.

Hotel POS are systems that help you collect and process guests’ orders at bars, restaurants, SPAs, gift shops and other points (e.g., the reception selling tours, daily trips or excursions).

Analysing the data of your hotel POS systems can give you insights and help you discover your guests’ consumer habits and how likely guests could respond to your offers.

For example, you can discover what foods or beverages specific guest segments prefer (e.g., guests from a certain nationality or guests that stay in a specific room type), even at what outlets of your hotel they consume them and when. In this way you could make a happy-hour offer to fill off-peak hours of your outlets, increase your upselling & cross-selling capabilities and even estimate how much staff you would need to serve and plan your purchases accordingly.

Or you can instantly find what products your guests don’t order and make the necessary adjustments to your menus per outlet and per hotel (if you are a hotel chain) or see which outlet of which hotel (if you are a hotel chain) performs better, why, at what times, what are the most popular foods and beverages per nationality, even which table performs well.

Whatever you want to find, whatever the question, the real issue is to get the answer fast so you can plan ahead, strategize and act proactively.

And this really comes down to how fast you can collect, combine, organize and analyze the data from all your hotel POS systems.

Because hotel POS are scattered

Hotel POS are scattered in many outlets, they might be of different types and maybe in different hotels (in hotel chains).

Digging through this big volume of data report by report, hotel POS system by hotel POS system and analyzing the data with traditional offline tools (such as spreadsheets) can be a difficult, time-consuming, labor-intensive and static process which in many cases limits your ability and speed to analyze your data and uncover the ‘hidden’ business opportunities.

Analytics can help you unlock the answers from your hotel POS data fast

Business intelligence and hotel analytics tools can collect, combine, organize, analyze and visualize large volumes of data from many data sources. In other words, these tools collect and process your data and bring them in such a form that facilitates hotel data analysis.

Take our hotel analytics platform, for example.

It can integrate with all your hotel POS (even if they are different brands), collects and analyzes this data and visually presents the results in ready-made interactive dashboards specifically designed for hotels. It also integrates with your hotel PMS so you can analyze the combination of hotel POS and hotel PMS data and get additional insights.

In this way you have in one system, on one screen, the performance analysis of all your outlets. You can find your guests’ consumer habits, per hotel, per cost-center, per period of time, per segment, per nationality etc. From there (by clicking on the interactive dashboards) you can drill down your analysis to greater detail until you get the answers you’re looking for, fast and in real-time.

For example, with a few clicks you can find:

  • What to offer your hotel guests and when so you can win star reviews and increase your revenue

  • How to fill your F&B outlets’ off-peak hours with offers that your guests will love

  • What F&B products are not selling so you can replace them and try other options

  • What products are appealing to each guest segment at what times and where so you can make their stay more memorable

  • What food & beverage is consumed at which outlet and when so you can better plan your purchases, staffing etc.

Interested in seeing how our platform can help you explore the data of your hotel POS (and hotel PMS) systems and get insights to improve your guest experience and increase your revenue?

Examples of Hotellisense POS and PMS Dashboards


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