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Hotel Marketing: Build targeted campaigns with less effort and cost

Build better hotel marketing campaigns by making better use of your hotel data. Hotel analytics can help you write more targeted ads with more powerful marketing messages that will increase customer engagement and revenue.

Build targeted hotel marketing campaigns

Dividing your hotel customers into sets that share some common characteristics and then targeting these segments with offers that are more relevant to them is a marketing strategy that can make your hotel marketing campaigns more effective and attract more guests to your hotel.

Your marketing messages will be more powerful, your offers will be more personalized (as it will be like you are talking to someone not to everyone), your hotel marketing campaigns will be more appealing and engaging helping you grow your revenue and your hotel’s competitive advantage.

For example, say that you know which are the top 10 spenders of your hotel (hotel guest nationalities). And you also know what, when and where they buy, eat, drink, when they make their room bookings (average lead time per guest nationality), what hotel room type they book, when and via which booking source, how long they stay at your hotel (average length of stay per guest nationality) and which period of time (week, month, quarter) etc.

By segmenting this information, say, per hotel guest nationality, per type of room they book, and per booking source or per whatever dimension you require, you can create an offer and communicate it with one specific and targeted hotel marketing campaign for each segment. In this way you’ll make offers that will be much more appealing and relevant to each segment potentially attracting new bookings. You will also be able to make offers that your hotel guests will be more likely to respond to while staying at your hotel.

You can also invest your marketing budget more effectively

Knowing when your hotel guests or segments historically make their bookings through a specific booking source, allows you to focus your hotel marketing activities around those days (the number of days before check-in for this booking source).

As a result you’ll not only be running more targeted marketing campaigns but you’ll be running them around a much narrower time frame therefore spending your hotel marketing budget more effectively.

But finding all this information and insights can be a challenge

To come up with the segmentation and targeting options of your hotel marketing campaigns means that you’ll need to explore, research and analyze your hotel data.

The larger the volumes of data and the bigger the number of key hotel systems and data sources (such as your hotel PMS and hotel POS) this data resides in, the more challenging your hotel data analysis will be.

Gathering the data, organizing it and then exploring it to get the answers you are looking for can become a complex, difficult and time consuming task if done manually.

You might spend hours or even days manually collecting, combining and organizing the data from your key hotel systems and then use traditional offline tools (e.g. spreadsheets) to analyze it.

It is a rather static, manual and repetitive process as it involves a lot of digging through hotel data, report by report and system by system that limits the depth and speed of analysis.

Which means more time, effort and cost to collect & analyze it.

Unless you have the right tools.

Hotel analytics platforms can help you build more targeted hotel marketing campaigns

Hotel analytics platforms use advanced business intelligence tools to collect, organize and bring data from key hotel systems to a form that allows hoteliers to do hotel data analytics, that is to dynamically explore their data in great detail with a few clicks in real-time to discover patterns, trends, ‘hidden’ relationships between hotel KPIs, and useful insights that will help them make fast and proactive decisions.

Hotel analytics platforms help you research and explore your hotel data dynamically in real-time, from many different angles and get the answers you are looking for in seconds. In this way you save a lot of time and you arrive at useful conclusions and insights much faster.

Such an analytics tool is Hotellisense, our hotel analytics platform. It collects, combines data from your key hotel systems such as hotel PMS, hotel POS, hotel ERP, hotel Payroll and visualizes this analysis on dozens of prebuilt interactive dashboards (line charts, heat maps, pie charts etc.) specifically designed for hotels helping you get fast insights without any technical knowledge or help from IT.

By clicking on these interactive hotel dashboards you can find how your hotel guests book their rooms, when they make their bookings, how long they stay at your hotel, their spending habits while staying at your hotel etc.

You will find the information you need fast which will help you build more effective marketing campaigns to bring more guests to your hotel and provide them with a holistic accommodation experience. And all this with better marketing budget ROI while saving a lot of time, effort and money in the process.

Our hotel analytics platform can help you make faster and more profitable decisions not only for your hotel marketing but also for your sales, operations, reservations, your outlet performance and many more.

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