SenseBusiness: Hotel Revenue, Gross Profit, Expenses, Operational Metrics Dashboards

Get fast, real-time insights of how efficiently and profitably your hotel is generating revenue

Insights that help you control your hotel costs and increase your profitability

  • Real-time overview of your hotel revenue, costs, gross profit and reservations in one screen to instantly have the big picture of how your hotel is performing.

  • Compare hotel revenue, reservations and costs and get insights that will help you take informed, data-driven and timely decisions to plan upcoming months and streamline your operations and profit.

  • Get an overview of your hotel expenses and drill down your analysis so you can quickly set strategies to control costs.

  • Understand if you’re on the right track regarding the profitability of your hotel with a detailed analysis of your Gross Profit.

  • Find insights for your hotel payroll so you can plan your operations more efficiently and maximize profit.

  • Compare your hotel revenue and expenses with past years’ data and see where you stand.