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Hotel Analytics    Platform       

Hotellisense hotel analytics platform helps you get a sense of your data and take fast data-driven decisions to boost your hotel’s revenue, occupancy and profitability.

Hotel analytics platform, data from key hotel systems in one place, analyzed and presented visually

Key Hotel Systems Data Analysis

Data from your hotel key systems (such as PMS, POS, ERP, Payroll) in one system, one platform, analyzed, and presented visually within ready-made dashboards designed specifically for hotels. No more siloed data. No more data in different systems. No more time consuming and labor-intensive processes to collect and analyze your data. With our hotel analytics platform you can do much more in less time.

Get powerful insights instantly

Get real-time answers to your hotel business questions with just a few clicks. Analyze your data from different angles and discover small details ‘hidden’ in your data. Uncover trends and patterns at a glance. See where your hotel business performance is heading in the future, understand your hotel’s strengths and weaknesses.

Act with speed

This powerful knowledge will help you take data-driven decisions to boost your revenue, occupancy and profitability, respond fast to market conditions, increase your negotiation power and get ahead of your competition.

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‘See’ what your data is telling you in real-time

Powerful visuals within the hotel-ready dashboards of our hotel analytics platform show you the analysis of up to date data from your key hotel systems in one place. Search, select, filter & drill down your data in real-time to even greater detail to get answers to your business questions.

Understand what impacts performance

Instant insights help you understand your hotel guests better, see how distribution channels and booking sources impact your results, see how your reservations pick up, what affects your F&B revenue, get room pricing suggestions, monitor achievement rate and many more.

See how hotel analytics can help you get insights from your hotel POS.

Take informed decisions to boost performance

Confidently take fast data-driven decisions to boost your hotel revenue, occupancy and profitability. React fast to changing market conditions, identify market segments for targeted marketing efforts, optimize your distribution channels, increase your negotiation power, decide the right room pricing strategy and optimize your revenue in both low and high seasons.

See how hotel analytics can help you get insights from your hotel PMS.

Your data is the key

In the big data era, solutions like the one offered by Hotellisense are now essential. I am really glad that this cooperation gives us the opportunity to highlight the innovations of the Greek start-up community.

Alexandros Vassilikos
Owner & CEO of the Airotel Group of Hotels | President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (HCH) | Member of the Excom of Hotrec

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